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  • Name: Roller Mill
  • Number: fm001-R
  • Views : 1011

Roller material: Chilled alloy cast iron
Casting method: double end centrifugal casting
Roller cleaning method: Brush for tooth roller; scraper for smooth roller
Roller arrangement: Parallel horizontal placing
Feeding type: Servo feeding, induction level indicator
Inspection tube: organic glass
Bearing: SKF, self aligning roller bearing
Transmission type: V-belt driving
Motor model: Y-series Grade 6 motor
Motor seat adjustment range: 0-70mm
Surface treatment: electro-static paiting


hbae02-r electric roller mill
■hbae02-r model flour mill mainly peels the wheat by rollers which have differential speeds and rotate against each other. Endosperm is peeled off the wheat and ground into flour. When roller mill is  working, wheat is under the effects of extruding, shearing and peeling to reach a certain milling effect.  Each roller mill has two independent drive systems, feeding systems, and grinding systems, playing their own role in flour milling scheme.
■With mechanical leverage principle and patent measure and sensor technology, stock flow is transformed  into digital signals to regulate feeding gate opening and feeding roller’s rotating speed by intelligent servo  control technology. In this way, the feeing is uniform to reach stable milling effect, reduce roller damage and power  consumption.
■Feeding unit is independent module combination and can be back turned for easy and fast cleaning to  meet the requirement of food hygiene.
■The whole front panel can be turned upwards to detach and mount the rollers, convenient and fast.
■Parts in contact with stock adopt food grade stainless steel, with one time moulding, no dead corners, no residues to ensure food hygiene and safety.
■Tooth wedge belts adopt elastic tightening mechanism which can compensate the minor belt changes  automatically to improve belt service life.
■Rolling gap fine tune design has a simple structure, saves strength; small cylinder locks the hand wheel;  with panel and key control, convenient and fast.
■Integrated with industrial profiling and modern moulding technology to realize streamline design, with national  patent.


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