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Virtue and Love bring blessing to us all

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In March 2014, Tanzanian Sister Sr.Yoela contacted us through emails, in hope that our company could supply a maize mill to help the poor people. Deeply moved by Sister Sr.Yoela’s virtue and commitment to preaching, and her kindness of serving the poor people, after discussions, our company leaders decided to provide a full automated PLC maize mill of 50 ton per day in August 2014. The mill requires 30 workers in three shifts and an operational technician per shift. The processing capacity is 50T maize/day. Flour yield is 40T/day. It can solve the livelihood issue of 80,000 people daily. The equipment is now being installed.

HBA is active in providing charity equipment, with 2 sets provided for assistance annually. For companies in need of flour milling equipment, please contact us (Mobile: 0086-311-85329191).

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